Kitesurfing Equipment Sport
Kitesurfing Equipment Sport

Kitesurfing Equipment

In its essence, kitesurfing is about riding and gliding across the water while holding onto a large hand-controlled kite that is powered by the wind. Kitesurfing is also known as kiteboarding and you don’t need waves to ride the board on the sea, wind and your board should be doing all the work



Harness the power of the wind for the ultimate water sports rush. In this extreme sport, you have a board strapped to your feet, and a large kite strapped to your waist. You then use the kite’s handles to control it as it catches the wind and propels you across the water. With experience, you’ll be able to reach incredible speeds and performs tricks such as jumps and flips. For beginners, it’s suggested that you take lessons. These will generally cover flying the kite on the ground, followed by in the water, then getting up and riding the board. Most schools will have the essential equipment to learn with, so you don’t need to invest a lot of money before you even start. Once you have it down pat, it’s a thrilling sport that is sure to get the adrenaline surging.

Kitesurfing is a sport that takes place on the surface of the water. The rider is pulled through on the surface of water by a kite board or surfboard, with the power of the wind using kites. Kitesurfing is thus also known as kite boarding. The terms are used interchangeably.

The kites, which are used for doing kitesurfing, are very large and called as power kites. The board, which supports the surfer, does not have any bindings or straps. Holding onto the kite, which can be controlled, the rider is propelled forward on water surface.

Over past few years, kitesurfing has gained a lot of popularity partly due to the reason that the basics of kitesurfing can be learned easily as well as the ease of transporting the necessary equipment but it is a difficult skill to master. A lot of practice as well as control is required, in addition to care since the sport is quite dangerous and can cause serious injury. Keeping in mind the dangers involved, safety instructions, innovations in designing of kite as well as safety systems have been incorporated to make this sport much safer.

There are also different styles that a rider can do depending on the conditions and the rider’s comfort level. These can be freestyle, jumping, wake style, cruising and wave riding.

Kite Boarding

Kite boarding is a group of sports that use a kite for power and a board for support, such as KitesurfingKite Foil RacingKite Landboarding and Snowkiting. This extreme sport combines aspects of sailing, windsurfing, snowboarding, and paragliding.

The kite system used consists of a kite, flying lines, a control bar, and a kite harness. The kites used come in different types and shapes, depending on the specific kite boarding discipline.


The athlete, standing on a board on the water, is harnessed to a hand-controlled and wind-powered kite. The board used depends on the surface on which the kiteboading is being done. There are several types of kiteboarding, encompassing traveling on water, snow or land:

  • Kitesurfing — a board and kite are used on the water for different events.
  • Kite Foil Racing — kiteboard racing on boards with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water.
  • Kite Landboarding — using a kite and wind power to maneuver a huge skateboard-type board over land.
  • Snowkiting — a snow-based, kite-powered sport, while riding on a snowboard (Kite Boarding) or on snow skis (Kite Skiing)

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