Core Nexus 1 / Nexus 1 LW Kite – 17m

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Amazing things happened when we spliced the genes of the GTS4 and Section 2 into the Nexus. Take for example the Nexus’ CIT, the fancy acronym behind the kite’s adjustable handling modes. It lets you finetune the kite’s power and turn radius. Akkie likes his megaloops big and powerful, so he selects the CIT’s freestyle setting whereas Willow prefers the wave mode for tighter loops (on his bottom turns). The wave mode also makes the kite turn faster, increases depower and doesn’t pull you off your strapless board. We can’t forget to mention the CIT’s standard setting. In allround mode, the Nexus pulls a little more, increases hangtime (woohoo!), and turns a little slower. Perfect behaviors for newer kiters, and anyone who prefers a more relaxed riding style.

Core Nexus 1 / Nexus 1 LW Kite

The Core Nexus is a true cross over kite that excels in waves, foilboarding, and free riding. The superior stability and lighter bar feel makes it a favorite with women and lighter riders too.

Tech Specs

  • Premium Core build quality
  • CoreTex Triple Ripstop on all canopy except for LW version that use CoreTex Single Ripstop to save weight
  • ExoTex ultra rigid Dacron leading edge and struts
  • Three strut design
  • CIT Mode leading edge bridle adjustments to change the feel and power of your kite
  • Speed Valve 2 inflation system

What We Like

  • Core build quality is the best in the business. The lead designer overseas production at their factory in Sri Lanka to ensure every kite is made exactly as it was designed.
  • Core kites last twice as long than any other kite in the REAL Lesson Center.
  • Mind blowing kite stability. This is the most stable kite in the sky. You can park it at 12 o’clock let go of the bar and the kite will stay there for a while.
  • Great drift and fast turning for kitesurfing.
  • Silky smooth power delivery, not too punchy and never back stalls while foilboarding.
  • Predictable turning and hang time for freestyle.
  • The CIT settings allow you to customize the fit and feel of the kite to your riding style. That being said, we rarely move it off stock settings because it flies so well on stock settings.

What We Don’t Like

  • Compared to the XR5, the Nexus lacks power and hang time.
  • Big kite loops will have you coming back to earth with more speed than you want. You don’t get the “catch” like the GTS5.
  • Small amount of flutter in the wing tips on tight turns.

Core Nexus 1 / Nexus 1 LW Kite


Meet the multi-talented Universal+ Series Nexus with fully customizable handling. An athletic kite that is never too cool to learn a new trick. Whether it’s on your favorite surfboard or twintip, the Nexus brings exceptional versatility to wave and freestyle riding.

Our latest design is a product of the phenomenal Section 2, the indomitable GTS and fourteen years of intensive kite development. An allrounder that instantly endeared itself to our wave+ prodigy, Willow and megaloop rockstar, Akkie.

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