Fliteboard Series 2.2

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The Fliteboard Series 2.2 Elektro Hydrofoil is the latest 2022 model from Flite. The innovative eFoil from Australia impresses with the latest technology and high quality in every detail. Our price includes the large battery and premium charger.


Imagine a watercraft that glides smoothly over the surface of the water at breathtaking speed. It isindependent of wind and waves and gives you the freedom to move up to 30 kilometers per battery charge. An efoil that responds to your finest movements and adjusts its pitch and altitude accordingly – for limitless freedom and development.

Fliteboard is a high-performance eSurfboard that is bursting with innovation and made from the highest quality materials. To adapt it to different demands and individual body weight, four different board designs are available. Surface finish, wings and other components can be configured according to your personal style using 208 different combinations.


Series 2.2 updates:

  • Flitecell Titanium: Signature titanium plates replace the previous aluminium design, making Flitecell Ti Sport and Flitecell Ti Explore both highly resistant to corrosion, while also reducing the Flitecell’s weight and increasing impact resistance.  Flite also introduced the same premium quality 21700 cells as used in high-power applications such as hypercars, providing incredible performance with cooler cells. Phase Changing Material (PCM) was introduced into Flitecell Ti Explore, to provide enhanced thermal management.
  • Flite App: Connect to Flite’s global community with leaderboards, competitions and ride data never before seen in the electric marine water sports space; think Nike+ or Strava, but for eFoiling. Coming this Northern Hemisphere’s summer.
  • Flite Controller: Now with double the trigger range, Flite Controller 2.2 provides intuitive control.
  • Quieter motor: Flite’s already quiet motor is now even quieter, so the rider can connect more harmoniously with the natural environment.
  • Redesigned Packaging: New streamlined travel bags are 40% smaller for easy handling, with solid protection and compact design. Flite now offers an optional wing quiver bag to house all those extra wings.



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