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2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX, 2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX

Experience the thrill of one of the most powerful supercharged personal watercraft in the PWC industry. The all-new, redesigned, 2022 Jet Ski Ultra 310 series represents the modern generation of the most iconic name in watersports. This flagship platform features premium, class-leading features from nose to tail, including creature comforts for all-day fun on the water.



Manufacturer: Kawasaki
Model Year: 2022
Model: Jet Ski Ultra 310LX
Model Code: JT1500VNFNN

Color: Ebony / Gold

2022 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

The Ultra 310 line of Jet Skis is Kawasaki’s range topping collection of 3-seater, personal watercraft, and for ‘22 the entire line is getting tweaked for increased comfort, handling and yes, even luxury features.

First things first, the 1,498cc supercharged and intercooled motor continues to create an absolutely bonkers 310-horsepower, so you needn’t worry that these wave warriors lost any thrust. There are a number of selectable power modes that include full, middle and low, so you can still tailor the performance of your machine as you see fit and the key-activated SLO (Smart Learning Operation) mode remains as well. What is all-new however, is the inclusion of electronic technology like Launch Mode which optimizes acceleration by automatically adjusting trim to suit the Ski’s speed. Riders can choose between “single” mode, which gives you that one launch for embarrassing others in a drag race setting, or “repeat” mode that will effectively do the same thing every time you thumb the throttle wide open from a slow speed.

2022 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

Kawasaki has also introduced something called Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD). The system is activated when a thumb switch on the right handlebar is pushed which enables the thrust to be controlled with one hand. Now, when the thumb switch is fully depressed, the Trim up and down buttons can be used to increase or decrease the engine rpm to adjust thrust, allowing for more precise control when maneuvering the watercraft in tight spots, such as docking. When the reverse thumb switch is released, the drive mode returns to neutral, and engine returns to idle.

2022 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

On the luxury side of things, the new Ultra 310 line now features a 7-inch, TFT that will look pretty familiar to Team Green motorcycle enthusiasts out there. The unit can queue up any number of displays including GPS navigation data and boasts full Bluetooth connectivity. The brightness of the screen will adjust automatically, so cresting waves between clouds won’t stymie your ability to see just how fast you’re cruising.

Other changes include revisions to the Ultra’s styling that also draw inspiration from their motorcycle line. Characterized by Kawasaki’s Sugomi design language, the look of the Ultra 310s can be summed up as aggressive yet refined – especially draped in the LX’s Ebony and Metallic Gold Shadow paint – and I’d argue is more attractively executed in the PWC setting.



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