Quick Charger for SEABOB F5 S


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Fast Charger for SEABOB F5 S Premium Underwater Scooter

Quick Charger for SEABOB F5 S

About SEABOB F5 Quick Charger for F5 S/F5 SR
For extremely short charging times. If you have purchased the Seabob F5 S or F5 SR and want to have faster turnaround times, then standard charging unit provides then this charger is what you are looking for. The Quick Charger was specially developed to reduce the charging time of your SEABOB, providing considerably more time to enjoy an unrestricted driving experience. While a standard charger takes around 9 hours to fully charge a SEABOB, a Quick Charger does only need 120 minutes for the same process. This high charging performance can only be achieved by using only high-quality technical components. Perfectly matched components ensure that the quick-charging station is reliable for daily use. Charger has a voltage requirement of 220V-240V.

Fast Charger for SEABOB F5 S Premium Underwater Scooter

Quick charging station.

Fast charging station for Seabob F5 S.

It only takes 90 minutes to charge the battery to 100%.

The charger is made of original components and fully complies with the technical characteristics of the Seabob F5 S.

To charge the battery, a voltage of 220-240 V is sufficient.

Quick Charger SEABOB

Quick Charger for SEABOB F5

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