Seabob F5 Scooter Underwater


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Seabob F5 Scooter Underwater DATA SHEET Maximum speed Surface 15 kmh, underwater 13 kmh Autonomy 50 minutes Complete charge 8 h / 1h30 quick charger Power 2500 W Battery type High-Energy lithium-manganèse 1,1 kWh; 48 V; 23 Ah Weight 29 kg Dimension (folded) HxLxw 1.152 x 507 x 372 mm Crossing capacity : – 40 …

Seabob F5 Scooter Underwater


Maximum speed Surface 15 kmh, underwater 13 kmh
Autonomy 50 minutes
Complete charge 8 h / 1h30 quick charger
Power 2500 W
Battery type High-Energy lithium-manganèse 1,1 kWh; 48 V; 23 Ah
Weight 29 kg
Dimension (folded) HxLxw 1.152 x 507 x 372 mm
Crossing capacity : – 40 m



High-Performance Toys

For intense driving pleasure in the water

For those who want to enjoy the pleasures of life, we have built the world’s most fascinating water slide models – the SEABOB F5, F5 S and F5 SR.
The SEABOB F5 convinces with unsuspected agility in water and extremely low weight at around 29 kg. With this weight, the SEABOB F5 has an optimal maneuverability.
With a weight also reduced to 35 kg, the SEABOB F5 S also seduces with its high driving performance and its irresistible passion in the water.
Both vehicles can be driven without a license and are very respectful of the environment thanks to their electric propulsion system. These “High-Performance Toys” ensure an intense pleasure in the water, without polluting the environment.

Everything is possible

Discovering a unique agility underwater

It is underwater that the dynamics of Jet SEABOB reveals its particular charm. This nautical vehicle lets you navigate in the depths with ease. Man and machine sneak under the water with skill.
The on-board electronics can individually program a diving depth of up to 40 meters. A highly reliable safety stop device prevents exceeding the selected dive depth.
Discover the fascinati
on of the underwater world in a new dimension.

An infinite driving pleasure

Relaxed or intense

Serene glide feeling. Sporty driving in the water. Diving safely. With the SEABOB one of your dreams becomes reality. For the first time, the man can move in the water with the agility of a dolphin. In complete freedom, on the surface as in depth.
The SEABOB is none the less perfectly respectful of its environment. Powerful and silent, he travels the waves. The man and the machine are one.

Rediscover the element

Intense and irresistible

With the SEABOB, achieve high performance in all disciplines. Its hydrodynamic shape gives it unsuspected agility in the water. The piloting and the diving are carried out by simple transfer of the weight of the body of the pilot.
At cruising speed, sporty driving or diving, with the SEABOB, you weave with unparalleled power. Experience an impressive mobility. You will never want to come out of the water again.

Optimum maneuverability

The alliance of reduced weight and impressive propulsive force

When developing the new generation of SEABOBs, the aim was to offer comfortable handling without compromise. The technical challenge was therefore clearly defined during the development phase. A reduced total weight. Excellent stability of the vehicle body. A powerful propulsion system. These features make the SEABOB a unique water sport vehicle that can be used anywhere and is perfectly manoeuvrable.


A development respectful of the environment

The high performance electric propulsion system has been specially developed and is an exemplary innovation thanks to its environmentally friendly technology.
The machine uses a high-torque synchronous propulsion system with microprocessor controlled three-phase sinusoidal power management. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, this engine offers optimum torque and exceptional performance. All with compact dimensions.
The energy required for the propulsion system is provided by high-efficiency lithium-manganese high-energy accumulators. These special accumulators offer high power and a high quality component within the SEABOB propulsion concept.

E-Jet Power System

Propulsion technology without any emission

The patented E-Jet Power System operates on the principle of water discharge. By turning, the powerful rotor sucks water and delivers it under high pressure into the jet channel and outwards. The propulsive force thus produced gives the SEABOB superior traction.
The very high thrust and low fuel consumption make the E-Jet Power System a unique propulsion system for powerful watercraft. It is very environmentally friendly thanks to the electric technology and extremely advantageous in terms of operating costs.

Les Controlgrips

Start the power. Choose the direction

A SEABOB is a summary of the most modern technologies. The pilot controls his water sport vehicle with two intelligent Piezo Controlgrips.
By operating the Trigger, the propulsion system is activated. A slight pressure on the green sensor accelerates power and regularly to the desired speed. A pressure on the red sensor makes it possible to slow down the SEABOB by reducing the thrust. If the situation requires an immediate stop, simply release the Trigger.
Two additional piezo buttons allow you to program a custom data menu, including electronic setting of dive depth, control time and other parameters.

The Cockpit

An optimal overview. Perfect control

The central cockpit is exactly in the visual field of the pilot. The TFT color display accurately displays all important technical data of the motor electronics.
It informs the pilot of the real-time displacement power and the activated thrust bearing. Thanks to the display of the battery charge level and the remaining operating time, you know exactly the remaining capacity.
In addition, the pilot gets current information on his diving depth and water temperature. In addition, the menu’s programming functions are easily controlled using the TFT display.


Technical characteristics

Power up to: 2.5 kW
Maximum thrust with E-Jet Power System up to: 480 N
Speed, on the water, up to: 14 km / h
Speed, underwater, up to: 13 km / h
Speed ​​regulation: 4 levels of power between 0% and 100% by piezo keys
Energy: high-energy lithium-manganese accumulators
Total capacity (approx.): 1.1 kWh; 48 V; 23 Ah
Average operating time: 50 minutes
Standard charging time (approx.): 8 hours
Fast charging time (approx.): 1.5 hours
Depth of diving: 40 m
Dimensions (W x W x H): 1.152 x 507 x 372 (in mm)
Weight (approx.): 29 kg
Carrying capacity in water (approx.): 14 kg
Special equipment: driver belt system mounting device

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