Seabob F5S Brand New

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The SEABOB F5 S is a high performance underwater scooter. Weighing only 34 kg, this watercraft has a driving force of 680 N over the water. It features 6 power gears that adapt to the driver’s preferences. The SEABOB represents pure emotion, enhancing your snorkeling, apnea or diving experience, whether for quiet sailing or racing up to 20 km/h.

Seabob F5S Brand New

The SEABOB F5 S is an ultimate high-performance watercraft. Weighing just 75 lbs. (34 kg), the vehicle possesses extremely good handling properties out of the water. The SEABOB F5 S boasts a strong propulsive force of 152.9 lbs. (69.3 kg) in the water. The E-Jet Power System is controlled in 6 power levels. These gears of the SEABOB F5 S allow you to glide along at a relaxed pace in a low gear or, for more ambitious high-speed driving, switch up to 6th gear.

The watercraft has a highly sporty character and stands out in terms of its extraordinary dynamism. Its sporty appearance is emphasized by elements in a matt chrome design. The SEABOB F5 S is at home in the sea and its high degree of maneuverability also makes it ideally suited for use in larger pool complexes.

The SEABOB-Jet is the absolute paragon of cutting-edge technology. For the vehicle to live up to this claim, the drive unit was made using premium carbon elements, established ceramic coatings and precious metals resistant to saltwater. Meticulously hand-crafted, this water sports vehicle is made of top-grade materials. The uncompromising quality standard is reflected in each detail.

The specially developed, high-performance electric-drive mechanism with its environmentally friendly technology is an exemplary innovation. The motor is a high-torque synchronized drive unit featuring a microprocessor-controlled 3-phase sinus power management system. The application of cutting-edge technology enables this motor to achieve the ideal amount of torque with outstanding efficiency. All this, and yet the overall design remains very compact. The power for the drive mechanism is provided by highly efficient Lithium-Ion accumulators. These high-performance special accumulators are a top-class quality component in the propulsion concept of the SEABOB.

The worldwide patented E-Jet Power System works according to the principle of water displacement. The water is sucked in by the powerfully rotating impeller and forced out in the jet channel under high pressure. The thrust developed in this way propels the SEABOB forward in superior fashion. Maximum thrust requiring little energy makes the E-Jet Power System a unique drive mechanism for powerful watercraft. Thanks to its electro-technology, the system is environmentally friendly and offers extremely low operating costs.

The central cockpit is located exactly in the driver’s field of vision. All important technical data from the engine electronics is shown accurately via the TFT color display. It provides the pilot with information on the current driving performance and the selected power level. The accumulator charge state allows you to reliably keep track of the residual capacity. Furthermore, the driver receives up-to-date information regarding his diving depth and water temperature. The programming functions of the menu can also be conveniently controlled via the TFT display.

A SEABOB-Jet is the absolute embodiment of state-of-the-art technology. The pilot steers his water sports craft via two intelligent control grips with Piezo technology. The drive mechanism is activated by squeezing the trigger. Applying light pressure to the green sensor accelerates the device in continuous powerful thrusts until the desired speed is reached. Propulsion is reduced by pressing the red sensor, thereby slowing down the SEABOB. If required, the craft can be brought to an immediate stop simply by releasing the trigger. Two further Piezo buttons enable the pilot to program an individual data menu. This includes the electronically controlled setting of diving depth, operation time and additional parameters.

The SEABOB F5 S, E-Jet Power System Driver is a 4.0kW performance system that will provide up to 12.4 mph (20 km/h) on the surface and 11.2 mph (18 km/h) underwater for a run time of 60-muintes. The standard charge time is 7-hours and a quick charge option when using 230-volt charger will charge to vehicle in 1.5-hours (see SKU: SBBF5QCH). The vehicles maximum operating depth is 130′ (40m). The SEABOB F5 measures (L x W x H) 45.35″ x 20″ x 14.65″ (115.2cm x 51cm x 37.2cm) and has 22 lbs. (10 kg) of buoyancy.


Performance up to 4.0 kW
Maximum Thrust 680 N
Speed over water up to
Speed under water up to
20 km/h
18 km/h
Accumulator capacity 1.8 kW/h; 48V; 38 Ah
Average operating time 60 min
Standard charging approx.
Quick charging approx.
8 h
1 h 30 min
Diving depth up to 40 m
Dimensions L x W x H (in mm) 1,152x507x372
Weight 34kg
Bouyancy in water 10 kg


  • Propulsive Force of 152.9 lbs. (69.3 kg)
  • Weight: 75 lbs. (34 kg)
  • E-Jet Power System
  • 6 Power Levels:
    Increments Lend Sporty Character
    Guarantee Absolute Fun & Pleasure
    Cruise Thru-Water at Relaxed Pace In-Lower Gears
    Experience & Feel F5 SR’s Impressive Propulsion In-Higher Gears
  • Special Degree of Dynamism in Water Results from High Performance of Craft
  • Coupled w/Low Power-to-Weight Ratio
  • Outstanding Properties In-Terms-of-Handling Make-It-Suitable for Use In-Water-Anywhere
  • At Home In-the-Sea
  • Demonstrates Outstanding Performance On-the-Surface & Underwater
  • Extremely High Degree of Maneuverability
  • Enjoyed In-Both-Small-&-Large Pool Complexes
  • Absolute Paragon of Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Drive Unit Made Using Premium:
    Carbon Elements
    Established Ceramic Coatings
    Precious Metals Resistant to Saltwater
  • Meticulously Hand-Crafted, Made of Top-Grade Materials
  • Uncompromising Quality Standards Reflected In-Each-Detail
  • Specially Developed, High-Performance Electric-Drive Mechanism
  • Environmentally Friendly Technology, Exemplary Innovation
  • Motor:
    High-Torque Synchronized Drive Unit
    Microprocessor-Controlled 3-Phase Sinus Power Management System
    Application of Cutting-Edge Technology
    Enables Motor to Achieve Ideal Amount of Torque w/Outstanding Efficiency
  • Highly Efficient Lithium-Ion Accumulators
  • Worldwide Patented E-Jet Power System:
    Works According to Principle of Water Displacement
    Water Sucked-In by Powerfully Rotating Impeller
    Forced Out-In-Jet Channel Under High-Pressure
    Thrust Developed Propels SEABOB Forward in Superior Fashion
  • Maximum Thrust Requiring Little Energy
  • E-Jet Power System: Unique Drive Mechanism for Powerful Watercraft
  • Extremely Low Operating Costs
  • Central Cockpit Located Exactly In Driver’s Field-of-Vision
  • All Important Technical Data from Engine Electronics Shown Accurately via TFT Color Display
  • Provides Pilot w/Information-On Current Driving Performance & Selected Power Level
  • Accumulator Charge State Allows Reliably Tracking of Residual Capacity
  • Driver Receives Up-to-Date Information Regarding Diving Depth & Water Temperature
  • Programming Functions of Menu Conveniently Controlled via TFT Display
  • Pilot Steers Craft via 2-Intelligent Control Grips w/Piezo Technology
  • Mechanism Activated by Squeezing Trigger
  • Applying Light Pressure to Green Sensor Accelerates Device:
    Continuous Powerful Thrusts
    Until Desired Speed Reached
    Propulsion Reduced by Pressing Red Sensor, Thereby Slowing Down
    Craft Brought to Immediate Stop by Releasing Trigger
  • 2-Further Piezo Buttons Enable Pilot to Program Individual Data Menu
  • Includes Electronically Controlled Settings:
    Diving Depth
    Operation Time & Additional Parameters
  • E-Jet Power System Driver:
    4.0kW Performance System
    Provides Up to 12.4 mph (20 km/h) On Surface
    Provides Up to 11.2 mph (18 km/h) Underwater
    Run Time of 60-Muintes
  • Standard Charge Time: 7-Hours w/Included 350 Watt 100-240 VAC Smart Charger
  • Quick Charge Option w/230-Volt Charger 1.5-Hour (see SKU: SBBF5QCH)
  • Maximum Operating Depth: 130′ (40m)
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 45.35 x 20 x 14.65 (115.2cm x 51cm x 37.2cm)
  • Buoyancy: 22 lbs. (10 kg)
  • Includes: 350 Watt Charger, Quick Reference Guide, Owner’s Manual

The Seabob F5 S is the ultimate high-performance craft. Weighting just 34 kg, the vehicle possesses extremely good handling properties out of the water. Its driving performance is second to none. The Seabob F5 S boasts an impressive propulsive force of 680 newtons. The E-Jet Power System is controlled in 6 power levels. These gears of the Seabob F5 S allow you to glide along at a relaxed pace in a low gear or, for more ambitious high-speed driving, switch up to 6th gear. The craft has a highly sporty character and stands out in terms of its extraordinary dynamism. Its sporty appearance is emphasised by elements in a chrome design. The Seabob F5 S is at home in the sea. Its high degree of manoeuvrability also makes it ideally suited for use in larger pool complexes.

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    Highly recommended business…what a great experience! Personnel were very informative, knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. They spent a great deal of time showing me a number of different options, explained the equipment and the various differences between them, and answered all my questions. They seem genuinely concerned that you purchase the appropriate equipment for your particular needs to ensure that you’re getting the highest possible level of safety… Priceless!!

  2. Aryo Kurniawan

    I was in the market to purchase a Jetsurf with Seabob. After searching for a price, I was interested in the availability of the motor. Every dealer was from 4 to 6 weeks from being able to deliver the motor except for Graf Stef Sport. He stated that there was one on order and the exact delivery date. Everything came together as sales team said and I could not be happier. In my eyes this company is great to do online business with.
    Thank you grafstefsport.com

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