Seadoo Quick Nozzles for Sale

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This piece may be used to switch your jet ski from normal jet ski mode to Flyboarding mode in seconds. This Quick Nozzle attaches where the U Pipe would be placed on the adapter plate.

Seadoo Quick Nozzles

Seadoo Quick Nozzles

The Seadoo Quick Nozzle from Zapata allows you to switch back and forth from jetski mode to Flyboard mode in seconds. We have the part in stock and ready to ship! If you do not have the Quick Nozzle for your jet ski then you will be required to put it back on the reverse IBR system which requires you to take the jetski out of the water and could take up to an hour to reinstall.

The Quick Nozzle is great if you want to switch from your Flyboard, Hoverboard by ZR, or Jetpack by ZR to a drivable working jet ski again. Without the quick nozzle, you will not be able to steer your PWC (Jet Ski) once the U-Pipe is removed.

Quick Nozzles are ordered according to your jet ski year, make, and model. Please check with our service department to determine the correct quick nozzle for your jet ski.

Quick Nozzle helps to change back your machine after flying to PWC mode very easily, by using the same coupling system that the U-Pipe uses. Within a minute you can change between PWC mode or Hydroflyer mode. The Quick Nozzle is universal and works with ALL PWC on the market.

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