2021 Yamaha YFZ450R SE

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Further cylinder head: 449cc Machine utilizes a five-valve Titanium cylinder head technology designed to provide abundant power in Mid-range to top end, with more “hits ” feeling directly from idle. Higher compression ratios further enhance overall engine performance.

Description 2021 Yamaha YFZ450R SE


This Special Edition features GYTR performance parts and a color and graphic scheme that looks fast just standing still.


Adventure Pro is an advanced adventure tool that allows Yamaha owners to explore further with even more capability and confidence, as well as share their experiences with friends and family.

Features may include:

  • Race-Ready Engine

The YFZ450R SE is the most technologically advanced sport ATV on the market today. It combines a high-tech, quick-revving, titanium-valved, 449cc fuel-injected engine with a lightweight, professional-caliber cast aluminum/steel chassis. The power and chassis combination makes for a championship-winning machine time and time again.

  • Advanced Frame

The YFZ450R SE is motocross-ready. The weldless frame is designed from lightweight aluminum with a tension-steel bottom frame that lets the engine sit lower for excellent mass centralization. Suspension components and settings reduce weight while providing light, sharp handling and rider comfort.

  • Aggressive Bodywork

With more room to hang off in the corners, the bodywork is designed for great ergonomics and rider comfort. The seat shape is padded in just the right places to improve lap times while the body panels come off easily without tools for service, so there’s no need to remove the battery or other components to take the fenders off.


  • Powerful Engine

The fuel-injected 449cc engine has superb power characteristics. Power delivery is smooth and strong off the line with lots of midrange to top-end power.

  • Advanced Cylinder Head

The 449cc engine uses a five-valve cylinder head and titanium valve technology to deliver abundant power in the mid-range to top end with more “hit” feeling right off idle. The high compression ratio further improves overall engine performance.

  • Fuel Injection

The YFZ450R SE incorporates Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) for precise fuel delivery. With a big 42mm Mikuni® throttle body and 12-hole injector, this system provides exceptional atomization of the fuel for maximum power. The system also includes ISC (Idle Speed Control) for easy, reliable start-up and warming.


  • Race-Ready Ergonomics

The body configuration allows more room for the racer to move around during the moto. To reduce fatigue, the seat is narrow in the front yet wide and padded in the rear.

  • Durable, Rigid Wheels

The wheels have been designed with the inner lip rolled in to increase rigidity, allowing for a reduction in weight while maintaining strength.

  • Wide Track and Maxxis Tires

Wheels are set motocross-spec wide, near the allowable maximum of 50 inches, for great cornering speed. Maxxis tires provide excellent handling and control. At 20 inches in the rear and 21 inches in the front, they provide better ground clearance than the competition.

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