iAQUA Stingray ONE New


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iAQUA Stingray ONE
Started sketching initial ideas for a sea scooter, after a few weeks of styling and packaging design in CAD, Stingray was conceptualised in a full-size physical 3D clay. The highly skilled process of carving a clay is usually the realm of automotive design studios

iAQUA Stingray ONE New

iAQUA Stingray ONE

Each component on the iAQUA Stingray ONE has been carefully engineered to deliver maximum bang for your buck. In doing so, we have created a craft that performs way beyond its modest price-tag with some eyebrow-raising stats.
Whilst this is our ‘entry-level’ version, be prepared to be thrilled; surging through the water at 15km/h and diving to a depth of 20m the Stingray ONE is the perfect introduction to what is possible at iAQUA.

Who Are iAQUA?

We are enthusiastic geeks with sea water in our veins. We design, engineer and manufacture high perfomance electric water-jet technology.

Proudly Based in Shenzhen, the nerve centre of the electronics revolution, our products are developed to deliver maximum bang for your buck. With a provenance in automotive manufacturing, we are translating the same standards of durability and quality into the marine industry.

iAQUA Stingray ONE

  • 16 km/h max speed
  • 20 m maximum depth
  • 3.3 kW max power output
  • 650 N max propulsive force
  • 5 power modes
  • Run time 70 mins
  • Fast-charge 120 mins (standard trickle-charge 7hrs)
  • Weight 37kg
  • Dimensions L108cm, W50cm, H40cm

iAQUA Stingray NEO

As Morpheus says in the Matrix “You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.” Much like its namesake, the Stingray NEO will suspend your reality. 21km/h underwater is an incredible buzz and if you are Scuba-geared up, it will take you down to 30m.

We took the basic Stingray design and increased the power, battery capacity, range, and exhilaration to create what we hope will become the standard-bearer for water-scooters.

NEO Finishes

The PC-ABS bodywork on the NEO goes through a four-stage painting process to ensure the finish is flawless. The automotive paint and lacquer is UV resistant and as durable as it is eye-catching.

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